Wholesale FAQS and Policies


  • Your first initial order is a minimum of $125, AND a minimum quantity of 3 PER STYLE you pick.
  • Your reorder is a minimum of $50, with no quantity requirements.

 Zip Codes:

  • When you apply through our submission request it goes for the store location you are inquiring about. If you have more than one location, you will need to apply seperatly for each one. You will also need to place orders for those and keep up with reorders to keep the zip code locked.
  • What does a locked zip code mean? This pertains to your individual zip code. Not for the entire town or area you are in. There is not any mileage based around zip codes. If an area has 10 zip codes it means that 10 retailers can sell in that particular area.
  • Your initial order locks your zip code and no one in that specific zip code can sell. If you do not keep up with your reordering in the time frame that is stated above, it will become open to another retailer.


  • All items have an MSRP rate, you may sell above that but not below it. The MSRP rate, is the retail price marked on our site. You may not at any point in time mark any of our items as "clearance", and sell below the retail rates posted, as it goes against our MSRP rules.
  • Only authorized retailers, who have signed up and been approved may sell Penelope London Cosmetics, after they have placed a qualifying opening order.



  • All orders are shipped between 7-10 BUSINESS days from date of purchase--these are not calendar days.
  • All orders will ship through USPS, and you will be provided tracking. Orders over $1,000 will ship through UPS.


Online and Brick and Mortar:

  • Retailers may sell through their online channels and in their brick and mortar.
  • All retailers must have either a B&M location and/or a website to direct customers to. We do not currently sell to online retailers who are based only through social media.
  • Retailers must provide a valid Tax ID to be approved. This is a requirement and you will not be approved without one.

These policies can change at any time, please check back periodically.